The results of the 1° Interactive Meeting with the stakeholders of the XVI World Congress / XVI Congress SAB

30-04-2011 01:30

 We appreciate the participation and collaboration of all that participated!

Today during the on line attendant of the requests made, follow bellow a summary of the general requests received, by email, facebook, twitter and skype:

The payment method: We inform that the second phase of the registration is included the phase of the payments and will be available with instructions and values.

The deadline for submission abstracts: We inform the deadline is 31 May as was published before, maybe extended, with the registrations.

Which official travel agency: We inform that are: AG3 e Amplestur.

If you have any doubt and you can´t participate, you can send requests by Twitter: @xviuispp or @arqueopublica with direct requests or using Tags #xviuisppsab or #xviiuppssab or even for DM (Direct Messages). We will answer all requests during the next week.

The extension for registration of XVI World Congress IUPPS / XVI Congress SAB

With 584 subscribers from 50 countries and duo to collaboration and interesting that We received at 1° Interactive Meeting with the Stakeholders. We inform the deadlines for registrations was extended, will be as bellow:

The registrations will be until May 31 2011.

To send the Abstracts the Deadline will be June 31 2011.


You also participate, make your registration.



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